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At the end of 2022, NIA has started its journey for many who feel they have reached the end, with no alternative today. They are the teenagers and adults with severe autism and their families, most of the time single parents, because the stress and pressure that the family is subjected to every day, causes one of the parents to give up along the way.

In the absence of any form of support, someone from the family and sometimes the sole breadwinner must assume the role of companion, nurse, therapist, doctor, etc. Therapies are critical, but it is difficult to find a therapist who is available, open and experienced in working with adults, and the costs are out of reach for most families. Theoretically, they can have access to the medical system like everyone else, but in reality they do not benefit from dental interventions, analyzes or consultations for various conditions for the simple fact that this disorder involves, among other things, increased anxiety with all the consequences related to any new environment, place, person. In the absence of a specific infrastructure and, sometimes, a staff trained to manage these cases, the medical act cannot take place.

The lack of medical care combined with the lack of access to therapies accentuates the specific manifestations of this disorder, creates suffering and aggression for adolescents and adults with autism, suffering and decreased life expectancy for the caregiver.

Rest and quiet – absolutely vital to a healthy life – are a luxury or unknown to the family. Those who take care of these people cannot rest, in the absence of respiro centers that can support such cases, they lose their jobs, having to become companions, which significantly affects the quality of life and the impact on other family members is devastating. Over time, aggression of various kinds and violence might appear, hidden from the community and institutions out of fear, shame, resignation.

All promotion and support of projects for autistic children is commendable and this significantly increases their possibility of recovery. However, it must be understood that although many children with autism make significant progress cognitively, functionally, socially following therapies and continuous medical monitoring, there are and will continue to be many people with severe forms of autism, often associated with other conditions of nature neurological or psychiatric, for which relief is limited and lacks support today.

That is why NIA was born, to offer solutions and alternatives where there are none, to be the ambassadors of this cause, to give a chance for evolution and real support for teenagers and adults with autism, to give families the chance to breathe and exist. We are sure that the NIA project will not remain singular. There are far too many who need it now and far more in the future who will need this kind of support. Let’s give them a chance.

By supporting the project initiated by NIA you can contribute as an employer, as an institution, as a specialist, as a good and active member of society to all of this. There is a high probability that someone close or known will thank you for your gesture.

Until then, we say: Thank you for choosing not to remain indifferent.

We are waiting for you,

The NIA team

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