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The NIA Academy Campus, dedicated to adults and adolescents with autism, received the final approval for construction, in Bolintin-Vale

Bucharest, March 20, 2023: The NIA Association, established with the aim of integrating and accepting neurodivergents in Romania, announces the launch, in partnership with the Giurgiu County Council, of the first large-scale project in Romania that will offer solutions and support for a decent life, for adults and adolescents with autism and their families. Located in the city of Bolintin-Vale, Giurgiu County, on an area of ​​10,000 square meters, this campus will offer specialized therapy and care programs, social activities and educational opportunities, as well as residential services for adolescents and adults with autism.


For many years now, AUTISM and I have had a partnership. I give him time, attention, patience, a part of my sleep, sometimes of my strength, and he rewards me with the most sincere and pure form of love. He only accepts me smiling, always motivated and determined to know his story and purpose among us, instilling in me empathy and forcing me to become more efficient every day.

people are adults, yet adults with autism are invisible
autism incidence (CDC Report 2023)
autism prevalence increase in the last 20 years
integration options for adults with severe autism

What we set out to do
and why.

Autistic children become teenagers and then adults. Unfortunately, not everyone integrates into society and for those who do not succeed, the scenarios become unhappy.

Currently, there is no alternative support for adults with severe autism and a low level of independence, and the quality of life for them and their families is tragic.

The NIA Association was born from the pressing need to offer a chance and to come to the aid of teenagers and adults who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, as well as their families, who today live in isolation, in the absence of any solutions appropriate to their needs.


Protected Workshops

a residential community with protected workshops for an independent life.


Education campaigns

about the problems specific to adults with severe autism who lack independence

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Occupational therapies

for learning practical skills, but also for emotional and communication needs

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Community integration

assessment and development of individual skills for better social integration


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In order not to be victims or aggressors, to develop their skills and gain self-confidence, people with severe autism need a lot of support throughout their lives, continuous assessment and monitoring, treatment, specific therapies and appropriate care.