Building the first residential community with protected workshops for people with autism, especially those with severe autism, with social and therapeutic services, near Bucharest, in Bolintin-Vale, a pilot project to be replicated.

Capacity: 25 resident persons / 50-day center persons


  • specialized therapies according to the type of disability for residents and other adults who can benefit from them on an outpatient basis
  • psychological support and counseling for residents and families
  • individualized social integration programs
  • assessment and skills development services for independent living
  • residential services

The pilot community is currently in the development phase!

- Final construction approval was received on a 10,000 sqm plot in Bolintin-Vale, Giurgiu county
- All types of existing funding will be considered, and a campaign will be launched to attract individuals and legal entities, local and public institutions, public and private European funds that understand and support social projects of this kind.
- The funds thus obtained will be used for the development of the site with the protected workshops and their annexes according to the project, the purchase of furniture, materials and specific equipment for therapy.

Join us!
Together we can fight prejudices and save lives.

We invite you to be our partners in this endeavor including thousands of people, adults with severe autism and their family members, who are currently not seen or understood.



Association establishment; project development; site development and action plan; fundraising



Land acquisition in Bolintin-Vale. Fundraising campaign.



Construction, equipment, protected workshops authorization.



Completion and commissioning of the country’s first residential community with protected workshops for adults with autism.

Hope from NIA